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When in need of repairs to your HVAC in DC metro you have many options. Deciding on which service provider is the most difficult decision because of the all the different companies to chose from. To help with this decision below are a few things that can be used to accurately compare them to each other.

One of the leading reasons to use a repair company is their reputation and length of that reputation. There are a few companies that have sprung up in the last 5 years that have very good short term reputations, but their 20 to 30 year guarantees are longer than they have been in business. Not a good sign.

This is a case of all talk at the moment. For a guarantee to mean anything, the business should have been in business long enough to cover it. It is like the life time guarantee of the knives that were advertised a few years back on TV. The companies folded along with their guarantee. The longer a company has been in business means they have a solid business plan and will be there in the future when called upon.

The number of service calls an HVAC company has is another leading indicator. If their fleet of trucks consists of only 2 to 5, then that is one thing to consider. The lack of service calls can mean any number of things but will also include little to no repeat business. A business with a fleet of trucks near 50 is the sign of a healthy and successful business. The larger the fleet, the better the service is likely to be.

The contact options are another important factor to be considered. Is there more than one and are there discounts for a preferred option? A company offering a 10% discount for scheduling an appointment online is one that not only wants your business, but appreciates your business.

Price is for most the deciding factor when choosing which company to use. There are two types of these HVAC DC metro companies. Some companies have one price across the board and the other that charges the home owner more for their inconvenience of having to work off hours. This is the difference between a company that thinks it’s a privilege to hire them while the other wishes to fill your needs. This choice is simple.