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Identifying septic trouble early

Man Smelling Bad Sewage

Around this time of year, when were getting ready to wind down our summers and prepare for fall, the toll that summer overuse might have had on your plumbing may be starting to show.

There are several ways to tell if you have a problem in your septic system. The first and most apparent sign is if you have sewage backing up into your house. This indicates some kind of blockage between your house and the leach field.

Another way of telling if your septic system is in trouble is if you smell sewage outside your house. If this occurs, along with damp or soggy soil, or even visible ponds, you may have a serious fault in your system that is preventing it from draining properly. You should definitely consider calling professionals before the problem gets any worse.

There are a few courses of action available to you if you believe there's a blockage in the system. Firstly, you can try Septic shock treatments, which are powerful, fast-acting and usually very affordable. However there is no guarantee, depending what your problem actually is, that shock treatment will work. You can also hire an experienced plumber to provide a maintenance regimen to repair and reverse the damage.

The third option, which may want to give thought to if your system is close to or more than thirty years old, is a total replacement. Although expensive and temporarily inconvenient, older systems will probably end up costing you more in repairs and having the replacement done now while the weather is still nice is better than the potential unpleasantness of having to deal with it in the dead of winter.

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