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Make sure your plumbing can keep up with the summer demand

Splashing faucet water in a glass

If you have children, then you know that during the summer vacation, everything in your house gets a special workout. The faucets are on more, the toilet is flushed often and even the washing machine has a lot more work to do as kids will tear through clothes faster than they would've in school.

Make sure that with this added demand being placed on your plumbing that you're proactive in stopping any problems before they start. This usually just comes down to good maintenance and knowing what to check for.

With your washing machines, check your hoses for kinks, cracks and bulges. Hoses should be replaced about every three years. Don't leave home while it's running and remember to always check for leaks. Try to move it off of the wall a little so the hose doesn't bend and crease.

Toilets will clog at some point - it's nearly unavoidable. Usually you can clear these up using a simple plunger or drain snake. If these don't work, however, call a professional. To reduce the risk of a badly clogged toilet, ask your kids to use a very moderate amount of toilet paper.

If you get lots of rain this summer, you may also have to deal with sewer line backups. Excess rainwater can make its way into your sewer line through cracks and cause this problem. If you also have large trees with spreading roots you may face the possibility of an outright sewer main rupture.

If one of these situations does arise, take immediate action and call the Washington D.C., Springfield, and Silver Spring plumbing experts, John C Flood. We have the experience and know-how to fix all your most difficult summer plumbing needs. We're local so give us a call and or technicians will be there to fix your emergency quickly and correctly.