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Plumbing Repairs Arlington Virginia – Pipe-Bursting

Cartoon Example of a Pipe Bursting

Plumbing repairs can fall into a variety of categories – if you are referring too water main or sewer line replacement this was traditionally associated with larger costs and property excavation. But low and behold because of technology advancements, happy home-owner's all over the country are rejoicing because this plumbing repair will be considerably less traumatic than in the past. So residents needing plumbing repairs in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax – well all of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC can feel more at ease when needing a water main or sewer line replaced.

Pipe bursting involves digging an entry pit at one end of the failed pipe and running a pneumatic pipe-bursting tool and an expander into the pipe through the pit opening. The pipe-bursting tool is a soil displacement hammer fitted with cutting blades. A steel line, attached to the head of the tool and to a winch on the other end of the pipe, keeps the line tight and helps guide the tool. During the static bursting process, specially designed bladed rollers are pulled through an existing line by a hydraulically powered bursting unit. As the bladed rollers are pulled through, they split the host pipe. An expander attached to the rollers forces the fragmented pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe. After the new pipe is in place, crews connect service laterals at specified locations.

This process allows for sewer main and water main lines to be replaced with minimal yard/property excavation, which means no need to replace or fix sidewalks, walkways, driveways and gardens. For obvious reasons, less yard and property disturbance means less to fix later...and less overall costs.