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Spring equals pollen, a whole-house air purification system equals relief

Honey Bee Collecting Pollen from Yellow Spring Flowers

Spring time is here and in full swing and for many people that means increased pollen and subsequently allergies.  We love plants, or we should, because they provide nutrition and convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen.  Not only do flowers and plants provide beauty, as well as a hobby for many they also must pollinate.  And it is this pollination that not only allows for plants and flowers to multiply they also wreak havoc for allergy sufferers.

Pollen, as many of you may know, is the small "seedy" part of the plant anatomy.  It is either scattered about by pollinators (bees and other insects) over longer periods of time, or in the short-term by the wind (sometimes only lasting a week or two per year).  The latter is a cause of aggravation and suffering for many individuals who on an ongoing basis suffer from congestion, sinusitis, and a reduced ability to breathe.  Aside from the destruction of all plant life on the planet (this of course is not an option); the only alternative is to be indoors as much as possible.

Simply being inside a shelter one is protected from the seasonal onslaught of innumerable and varied kinds of airborne bodies intended to make plants propagate, and their indoor concentration is generally lower than outdoors due to the protection from meandering air currents.  For a reduced presence, one can use a stand-alone air filter unit, which will reduce the particulate concentration in one or more rooms.  When that shelter is additionally equipped with a central air mover and distribution system, the indoor concentration will be considerably lower than outdoors.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a central air system and if they do they often are not properly maintained or serviced, so when the most irritating pollen producers such as ragweed are in full season allergy sufferers retreat indoors for relief only to be attacked by indoor allergens.  That is why it’s so important to have your central air/heating system serviced and maintained at least two times a year or more by a certified Arlington HVAC technician.

For those who suffer severe allergies it might be a wise choice to invest in a whole-house air purification system.  Installing a whole house air purification system also helps all but eliminate (99%+) of common infectious diseases as well as mold in the fall and winter to pollens and high humidity in the spring and summer.