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Standby Generator Power

Bryant Standby Generator

The allocation of a backup (standby) generator power source is a sign you are prepared. This is not just something that old Boy Scout’s carry into their adult age, but what a home owner with a family does to take care of their family.

The reason an alternative power source is needed has been shown with the recent weather changes of the past couple of years. No one is just quite sure what to expect. The storms are getting larger and more powerful. This leads to more destruction and wide spread power outages along with drinking water shortages.

A reliable back up power source for most home owners use gasoline or diesel as the fuel to power the generator. This can be hard wired into your existing system to kick on automatically when the power from the electrical grid is no longer present.

The old way of having to manually start up the backup generator then running extension cords into the home can and still is done today, but can be avoided if preferred.

The most commonly cited reason to have such a backup system is to keep the food in the freezers and refrigerators from spoiling. The secondary reason was to keep the heat on in the winter months. The third is for security reasons then comes lights and the rest of the reasons we like to have a continuous and reliable power supply into our homes.

When considering the installation of a standby generator source for your home, the wattage you will need should be determined so the unit you purchase can successfully handle the load. You would not like to underestimate this and end up like Oliver Wendell Douglas of the 1960’s Green Acres show who had to plug in and out the correct appliances to prevent an overload. It was humorous when his generator would blow, but in real life it would add to your list of headaches in a crisis situation.

Some important facts that need to be considered are that the refrigerator runs on average 1200 watts, but requires 3000 watts upon start up. This is common of most appliances around the home and should be taken into consideration when figuring your power needs.

The permanent backup generator power source can be placed outside you home. Its appearance will resemble a large condenser like what the air condition has on the exterior of your home. This allows for the aesthetic appearance not to take away from the beauty of your property while still supplying the power you need when you need it.