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Survey: Outdoor space is considered the heart of the home

Outdoor patio - heart of the home

According to a new survey from the company Saber Grills, the kitchen is no longer the space in the household where homeowners spend a majority of their time. The poll - which surveyed 1,500 people across the United States - found that 83 percent view their outdoor space as their favorite part of the home. This is important information, as it means that those who are looking to purchase a new residence are more likely to pay attention to what the backyard has to offer.

As the summer selling season quickly approaches - during which experts believe there will be a sharp rebound in the number of places that are bought and sold - you should keep in mind upgrading your backyard so that it makes your home more enticing to potential buyers. According to Saber's "Outdoor Living 2014" survey, 81 percent of those who responded said that the outdoor space is the "heart of the home." A majority - 51 percent - also said they update the exterior as often as the interior.

"We've dubbed this group 'super relaxers'," Rob Schwing, the general manager of Saber Grills, said in the survey results. "The outdoor space was a major factor in their home buying decision and they are very engaged in making it comfortable. This group leads the way in defining how an outdoor space can be used and decorated."

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