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Warm Air Furnace - Heating System Homeowner Service Checklist

With the unusually warm winter we have been having it’s still very important to keep up with your homes heating system – because we are still in winter and it will get cold. Your heating system is like many items we take for granted every day, like our car, which we expect to start and get us to where we need to be without any issues. Well we all know that’s not always the case. One fairly simple component of your homes central heating and cooling system is your filter – something many of us, including myself neglect to check and replace as needed. It’s a fairly simple concept for anyone to grasp – if your filter is dirty your system will work much harder and less efficiently. I can’t tell you how many cases we see that a system requires extensive repair or replacement and this could have been largely avoided if the filter was changed as recommended. And it’s a very easy thing to do. We are providing a short warm air furnace service checklist that can provide useful items to check yourself to help keep your system working as long as possible.
Warm Air Furnace - Heating System Homeowner Service Checklist

• Maintain records. Have a professional service your system before winter and summer to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently and safely.
• Change your filter as required – often every other month.
• Check all flue pipes and vents for rust, water leaks and loose connections.
• Lubricate the fan motor and fan bearing with a few drops of oil twice per year. (This is only required on certain units)
• Check the belt to make sure it’s not cracked or loose. (This is only required with belt-driven fans)
• Listen to the furnace operate and follow up on any strange sounds.
• Check drain lines to make sure they are clear and draining properly.
• Look for water leaks or changes in the system.

Note: Turn off power to the unit before inspection or maintenance.
If you experience any issues or problems that you cannot correct or repair on your own call a qualified contractor to come out and service your steam heating system.

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