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Damaged electrical cords may be just as dangerous as poor wiring in a home

Line of Electrical Towers in the Desert

Many homeowners assume that electrical fires always happen because of poor wiring within their house's walls. Believing that the fire had nothing to do with their actions. They tend to blame these events on the poor workmanship of those who built the house. However, many homes are consumed by flames that had perfectly adequate electrical systems where the wiring was completely up to code.

One extremely common cause of house fires are deficiencies in the items attached to outlets. Extension cords, for example, can be extremely dangerous to homeowners if they neglect to replace these items after they have exceeded their lifespan. These cords carry currents to secondary locations where they plug in with a remote appliance. If there is a weak connection where the two cords meet, this could mean an electrical current may be exposed, which is perfect fodder for fire. Once the connection between an extension cord and the male end of a cord that attaches to it has weakened, there is little that can be done to repair the damage.

Another issue is a frayed cord, which also exposes electrical currents to potentially flammable materials, like your home's carpeting. Many homeowners think that simply wrapping the exposed wiring in electrical tape is an adequate solution. However, even as a temporary remedy, this tape is insufficient, and will not guarantee adequate protection from exposure.

Once an extension cord has exceeded its lifespan, a homeowner should immediately replace it rather than risk the potential costly damage to their home. For larger issues concerning the home's wiring, homeowners should contact John C. Flood - a leading Arlington electrical service for more than 100 years.