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Don't be lazy about repairing a broken wire

Bundle of Wires with a Lock

Ask any experienced Fairfax electrical service what the most irritating thing they encounter when inspecting an older home is, and their answer will more than likely be shoddy repairs conducted by inexperienced homeowners. Many amateur electricians take it upon themselves to repair damaged wiring using techniques that aren't even wise to implement as temporary solutions. When a wire breaks, for example, many homeowners think that simply wrapping the connection with electrical tape solves the problem adequately. In reality, when done improperly, this will only result in a poor electrical connection and, in a worst case scenario, potentially cause a damaging house fire.

If you encounter this in your home, take immediate steps to remedy the situation. Begin by turning the power off from the breaker that the wiring is connected to. Next, remove the tape and thoroughly clean off the wires to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated since the tape was first applied.

Should the ends of the wire seem damaged, trim them and strip a fresh end on each connection if you have enough slack to still make a connection. From there, twist the fresh electrical connections together with your fingers so that they are woven tightly. Then, use a wire nut - not electrical tape - to seal the two ends together. This will keep the connection tight and prevent the wires from being exposed.

Always contact an experienced Arlington, VA electrical service like John C. Flood to handle problems with your home's wiring, even if they seem small enough to tackle on your own. Don't take the risk of injury yourself or damaging your property if you aren't confident in your abilities.