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5 Electric Bill Savings Tips That Will Help Save Money This Holiday

electric bill savings tips starry lights

Between buying presents and decorating your home, the holidays can get expensive. Not to mention, your Christmas lights, family dinners and parties tend to make your electric bill soar. To help you get through the holidays, we put together five electric bill savings tips.

5 Electric Bill Savings Tips


1. Opt for LED Bulbs

electric bill savings tips

Let's face it: stringing your house with thousands of additional holiday lights is going to get the meter running in overdrive. To help put this in perspective: Americans spend $233 million annually to power their Christmas lights. If you're trying to cut down on costs, consider only hanging your lights where your family will be able to enjoy them the most.

When you're lighting the Christmas tree or the outside of your house, invest in LED bulbs instead of using your former energy-sucking holiday lights. Although it may cost you more initially to purchase these kinds of decorations, the upgrade will pay off in the long run.

2. Set Up a Timer for All Decorative Lights

electric bill savings tips: timer

When you're hosting loved ones over the holidays, you have more lights turned on throughout the house as guests fill up previously unused bedrooms. Offset this increase by limiting the amount of time that you keep the decorative lights on with a timer. These decorations may be festive and amp up the Christmas spirit, but you only need to leave them on for a few hours every night to enjoy them.

3. Leave it to the Indoor Decorations to Light a Room

electric bill savings

When you're spending time with your family by the tree or other holiday lights, there really isn't a need to keep on traditional lighting options. To save energy, turn off the lighting fixtures in the room where the decorations are lit. This will let the tree provide ambient lighting that is both festive and efficient.

4. Add Candles to the Mix

electric bill savings tips: candles

If you really want to set the mood, rely on candles and the fireplace to provide light as well. This small adjustment can make your home feel more intimate and ignite the holiday spirit in all of your guests. Just remember to follow the necessary candle safety tips.

5. Economize Your Oven

electric bill savings tips: economize oven

You're cooking for a horde of people when the family stops by for holiday meals. Between your electric stovetop and microwave, the wattage is going to be through the roof. To minimize costs, optimize the preheated setting of an oven.

Preheat your oven only when you are ready to use it and cook your dishes at the same time (if they need the same temperature) or in a row (from lowest to highest temperature). This will prevent wasting the energy needed to preheat the oven prior to cooking.

By following these five electric bill savings tips, you can prevent your debt from being out of control when you start the new year.

Looking for more ways to save?

If you're still looking for ways to save on expenses this season, John C. Flood offers energy saving Management Plans to help you get through. Just give us a call!