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Even new houses are prone to electrical issues

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According to recent reports from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home sales have risen markedly over the past few months. The latest figures from January 2013 showed the number of closings on new properties have jumped markedly from the year prior. As a result, home builders have amped up construction of new properties as the existing housing stock  shrinks amid a burst in home sales.

Around this time of year, the market gets increasingly robust as people seem to be more optimistic with the warmer weather approaching and winter finally drawing to a close. If analysts from the NAR are correct, this means an even larger uptick of new home construction is bound to come about in response to buyer interest.

When you purchase a newly constructed property, you may assume that the house is free of plumbing or electrical problems as all of the appliances, wiring and pipes have been recently installed. However, even new homes are far from perfect, as shoddy construction could be underlying otherwise pristine-looking walls and floors.

As you move in, consider contacting an experienced Fairfax, VA plumbing and electrical service like John C. Flood to guarantee that the home builders didn't overlook anything. With over 100 years' experience in the Mid-Atlantic, our contractors and plumbers know where common and even secret problems may be hiding. There is nothing wrong with having a second opinion, and as a new homeowner it's always good to build a relationship with a trusted local contractor like John C. Flood. This way they will be familiar with your property for the rest of the time you and your family live there, guaranteeing you'll be taken care of.