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Make a mental audit of your home's exterior wiring before you begin your spring gardening

Gardening Tools, Watering Pail, and Sun Hat in Front of Garden

Now that the weather outside seems to have finally transitioned from frosty and cold to more seasonally appropriate, warmer conditions, homeowners across the Mid Atlantic are getting ready to dust off their gardening tools and begin tackling large-scale landscaping projects. However, before sprucing up the bushes with your sheers or using a weed whacker to edge your plot, make sure that you aren't putting yourself in harm{'}s way by conducting a precautionary inspection of your home's exterior wiring.

By becoming aware of where the electrical outlets and wiring on your property are, you'll be better prepared against the dangers of a costly mishap. For instance, you may have an important cluster of wires hidden behind an overgrown bush on your front lawn. If you were to accidentally cut or damage any of these wire, you are not only likely to cause a blackout within your home, but you may be at risk of electrocuting yourself.

In the same vein, wires run underground around most properties. It isn't uncommon for these wires to be placed only a few inches beneath a stretch of lawn along the perimeter of the house. If you were to shove a trowel into the ground at this point to maybe plant some vegetation, you could sever the wire, which would require you to potentially rewire the entire house.

Before putting your green thumb to the test, contact an experienced Fairfax electrical service like John C. Flood to inspect your home's exterior wiring. This way, if there are any wires that could be easily damaged by your gardening tools you'll know all about them.