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Make sure the junctions and terminations in your electrical system are intact

Room Destroyed by a Fire

Wiring problems in the home are the most serious issues that owners should address, as these deficiencies could lead to serious property damage if overlooked. It's true that a house's plumbing could cost residents a lot of money to repair if it is compromised - even forcing them to renovate all or part of the property - but fire is among the most destructive forces known to man, and it could easily consume an entire home if it spreads quickly through a faulty electrical system.

One of the many causes of house fires is poorly protected wiring. Where two wires meet, it is required in standard building codes that proper wire junctions and terminations be installed.

In the case of two or more wires that are being joined, each junction point needs to be properly nutted using electrical-grade connectors. After this, wires need to be enclosed in a metal junction box, which will contain the connection completely so that if it is weak and produces sparks, the beams hoisting the wires won't be exposed.

If a wire is disconnected from a source, it too needs to be nutted correctly and contained in a termination box. This way, should the wire be re-energized accidentally, it will be fully enclosed, protecting the wooden supports from potential flames.

Should you notice that any junction or termination boxes are missing, or come across any deficiencies in the wiring of your home, contact an experienced Fairfax electric service like John C. Flood to help remedy the situation. Be proactive about issues like these to prevent a potentially costly disaster.