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Making your garage into an ideal workspace

Inside of a Two car garage

If you have a hobby you want to devote more time and space to, the garage is the place to do it. Here are some tips for turning your garage into the ideal work space, according to Car & Driver Magazine:

  • Check the foundation: Once your garage is empty and cleared of clutter, hire a DC or Virginia contractor to come in and take a look at the foundation. Generally, a few small cracks here and there aren't going to be a big deal, but larger fractures should be patched over for safety.
  • Install electrical outlets: While your garage probably already has an electrical outlet or two, depending on your hobby, you may want to add a lot more. Particularly if you're working with heavy machinery or appliances, such as car repair or machining tools, you'll want to install a dedicated circuit with electrical outlets every six feet. This ensures that you won't have to rely on extension cords, which present a fire hazard, and your work won't be interrupted by a hair dryer or air conditioner running inside.
  • Lighting is key: Having good lighting is essential both to producing quality work and staying safe. Whether you're a woodworker or a car hobbyist, relying on the one incandescent bulb that hangs precariously from the ceiling is going to make your garage both depressing and unsafe to work in.

To have good lighting installed and to add a dedicated circuit with more electrical outlets, don't try to do the work yourself. Instead, call the Arlington, VA electrical repair contractors at John C. Flood. We'll help you turn that garage into a work space that allows you to focus on your hobby.