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Outdoor lighting improves home security

Backyard Pool Lit Up A Night

Outdoor lighting provides a number of functions for a home, including the fact that you can have parties outside at night. They also allow you to complete many tasks, such as taking out the trash or cleaning up your yard, more safely. But possibly their best use is as a deterrent to crime.

Home security experts often cite outdoor lighting as one of the most effective ways of fortifying your home against home invasion. The reasons are fairly straightforward: Outdoor lighting prevents burglars from operating in darkness and sneaking up to your property undetected. Anyone thinking about targeting your house for a robbery will think again knowing that they can't maneuver with flood lighting everywhere.

You have a couple options when it comes to installing outdoor lights, which have both advantages and drawbacks:

  • Continuous lighting: This is by far the most secure option. Simply have your flood lights on all night, and you won't have to worry about finding the switch when you think someone might be moving closer to your home. The drawback is that this can use up a lot of electricity and raise your energy costs.
  • Motion-detected lighting: By having your lights turn on only when a motion detector is triggered, you save bundles on your electricity bill, but you have to make sure the motion detectors are pointed in all directions so that a burglar cannot approach from a blind spot.

The Fairfax, Virginia electrical repair specialists at John C. Flood can help you install outdoor security lighting that runs off a dedicated circuit and keeps your home safe from unwelcome intruders. Contact us today to find out how we can help.