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Power your pool safely this summer

Three Children Swimming in a Pool

It's not quite summer yet, but the recent bout of spring fever that has overtaken much of the Mid Atlantic has inspired many homeowners to begin planning for the upcoming warm weather. One of the first things that people look into this time of year is how they will make sure their backyard is utilized to the fullest once the temperatures outside start coming closer to the triple digits. The Washington, DC area is known for steamy, sticky summers that tend to hang around well into fall, and one of the only ways that many residents are able to stay comfortable later in the season is by taking a dip in their swimming pools.

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your DC backyard, you likely understand what a savior these structures can be, but also what a hassle they often are to maintain. It's true that there are few things as refreshing as the cool water on a sweltering afternoon, but if your pool isn't clean, it's one of the last places you'll want to be wading.

Maintaining your pool also brings with it several potential hazards that come about when you aren't keeping tabs on your equipment. After all, it's an electric motor that powers your pool's filter, and when water gets involved with electricity there are always precautions that need to be taken.

Make sure that the electrical connection from the motor to your house is secure and not located near any standing water. For instance, if you use an outdoor extension cord to power the unit, make sure that the spot where the male and female ends of your two cords meet is above ground so that it won't be vulnerable to any puddles.

If you don't have an outlet located near your pool, contact an experienced Washington, DC electrical service to come make sure your pool gets powered without being a danger to your family.