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Protect your home from a crippling power surge

Electrician Working On Power Lines

At the Super Bowl this Sunday, almost a third of the nation watched as a power surge caused the big game to come to a halt at the beginning of the third quarter. While the Mercedes Benz Super Dome sat only half lit for almost 40 minutes of what would be one of the most exhilarating Super Bowls of all time, millions wondered how the organizers of the game could allow such a mishap to occur.

A power surge is when a burst of electricity floods a circuit or electrical system, bringing with it the potential to seriously harm appliances, computers, lighting fixtures and any other kind of electronic. You'll usually notice one occurring when the lights in your home suddenly get much brighter for a period of time. Since the electronics in your home are only designed to handle the flow of electricity that regularly passes through the property, their wiring can be overwhelmed.

Sometimes these surges only occur for a short period, causing your lights to increase their brightness for what seems like just a few seconds. These instances are called power spikes and are less harmful to your electronics than a full-on surge, as the amount of time that your appliances are overwhelmed is generally brief.

To protect your home's electronics, there are tools and practices that you can implement in your house that will moderate the amount of energy that goes to your most expensive appliances. Have an experienced Arlington, Virginia electrical service like John C. Flood install whole-house surge protectors to safeguard electronic items from damaging surges, spikes, electrical noise and outside disturbances. This will help prevent an event like the one witnessed by millions last Sunday from occurring in your home.