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Spring electrical safety tips

Electrical Transmission Tower with Wires

Spring is the time of year that everybody loves to spend outside. We are finally free of the freezing temperatures brought on by winter, but still have a few months before the oppressive heat of the summer rolls into town. Because people are often cooped up all winter, the desire to be outside is very strong. Spring is the perfect time to catch up on any yard work or remodeling that you have been planning, to ensure that your home is ready for hours of outdoor entertaining. But you should always be aware of the threat your electrical system could pose if you are not absolutely careful.

Here are a few tips for staying safe around your electrical systems this spring:

  • Be careful when cutting trees: If you are giving your yard some needed attention for spring, be aware when you are trimming or cutting any tree branches. They should not be near any electrical cords, as the falling pieces could break them. Also be sure to check the thick foliage for any hidden lines.
  • Garden elsewhere: If you have a green thumb, do not plant any vegetables or flowers near the large boxes that house electrical equipment. If a utility workers needs access to these parts, chances are he will end up damaging your garden.
  • Stay away from water: This point might feel a bit obvious, but it is worth repeating, especially if you have a pool or an outdoor sprinkler system. Make sure power cords and other electrical equipment do not come into contact with any sources of water, as you can risk very serious injury.

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