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The dangers of outdoor extension cords

Summer Night on the Patio

It finally feels like summer outside - at least most days of the week - and homeowners across the Mid Atlantic are sitting out on their decks and patios late into the evening now that it is finally warm out. As a result, many homeowners are taking out their extension cords and stringing them through storm doors and beneath windows so that they can power outdoor lamps, radios or other devices. If you don't have a power outlet on the side of your house, you may be tempted to do this, but this practice is less than ideal in most situations.

Placing any cord underneath a door or window jam increases the prevalence of wear on the wire, which may cause the protective layer of insulation around the electrical currents to be weakened. Every time you slam the door to your back porch, you could be creating the risk of sparking or arcing. The results of this will be costly damage if a fire sparks - not to mention potentially fatal.

Only use electrical cords that have been designed for outdoor use, as indoor wires are madeĀ for outlets that aren't exposed to moisture like this other variety. You also really want to avoid sliding them under doorways and instead use the outdoor outlet that is found attached to most houses. If you don't have one of these outdoor outlets, consider contacting a trusted Arlington electrical service like John C. Flood to come see if they can rewire your residence and install one of these outdoor outlets for you.