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Tips for lighting an office

Man working on computer and phone in home office

Lighting is an extremely important aspect of setting up a good home office. Because this is the area of your house where you'll be performing the most work, it needs to be lit in such a way that it facilitates concentration and reading, rather than making these tasks more difficult. It may seem like a basic consideration, but with a little more thought and insight you can get more out of this space than you normally would.

A lot of home improvement blogs will recommend putting your office in a place that gets lots of natural light. While this is certainly ideal if you're working on art projects or anything else that involves reading or looking at things on paper, the glare from daylight can make a computer screen virtually unreadable. It may be better in such circumstances to rely more on artificial light, with a few windows thrown in when you don't need to use your computer.

So what kind of lights should you use? It's a good question. Most people will settle for a desk lamp or lights that were built into the room when they moved in. Both of these options represent compromises, however. Desk lamps take up valuable space and make your work area look cluttered, and the built-in lights may not be ideally placed for your home office.

Instead of settling for one of these options, we recommend contacting the Fairfax electrical service experts at John C. Flood to have new lighting installed to suit your needs exactly. This will ensure that you wind up with a solution you're completely happy with, and that you'll be more productive in your workspace.