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Tips to avoid a fire when dealing with a blown fuse or breaker

Firefighters rushing to help

When it comes to your home's electrical system, you don't want to overestimate your capabilities by attempting a repair that should be handled by a professional. The risks associated with a faulty electrical system are many, ranging from damage to your property to life-threatening injuries.

However, one simple repair that should be easy enough for the average homeowner is replacing a fuse or a breaker.

Homes that feature a breaker have a series of "on" or "off" switches that will trip when a surge is too powerful. Fuse boxes will feature small, bolt-like fuses that need to be replaced after a surge blows the device out.

Breakers and fuses are designed to protect the wires' ampacity rating and the devices and appliances that they are connected to. Where a breaker will simply switch off when wiring is overwhelmed, fuses are built to a specific size that will moderate the amount of power that goes to a specific source. When a fuse constantly blows or a breaker is continually tripping, some homeowners think it's because they have invested in the wrong size for the wiring. To correct this issue, some individuals will try inserting larger fuses or breakers. In almost all instances, this will only cause more problems.

If a breaker or fuse blows continually, it is probably a much bigger problem with the wiring of the home, which should be handled by a professional electrician in Fairfax. When you insert a fuse or breaker where the ampacity is larger than that of the wiring it is protecting, it will almost surely overheat, which could lead to a fire. When one part of the home's electrical system bursts into flames, the damage will almost assuredly travel fast, costing you much more than a call to an electrician would have.

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