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The Service Call Manifesto – Why the wait?

Just about everyone hates to wait, whether it’s for family, friends, the cable guy or a plumber. It’s just basic human nature that’s pre-programmed into all of us that when we give or receive a time you make it – on time! Well most of us anyway.

Nobody wants to call and schedule an appointment only to receive an estimated arrival time-frame. Sitting around and waiting for your service technician to arrive between the hours of 8-12 or 2 to 6 seems ludicrous – “Why can’t you just give me a definite time and just show up?” People have busy lives, so it makes total sense, however there’s a catch. Service technicians don’t always know the full extent of the issue until they arrive and assess this problem(s). It could be simpler than explained to us when the appointment was scheduled therefore ensuring we arrive on-time or even early to the next appointment.  However, more often than not it’s more in-depth and more time consuming than initially explained by phone or email. Now you certainly don’t want us to leave before we fix the problem, which means there could be a delay in arrival for the next appointment.

The above scenario happens more than we wish it did, which leads customers to be dissatisfied and unhappy with the service and our company. We certainly don’t like inconveniencing and making our customers wait – we understand that completely. We have all waited for a service technician, so believe us we know how you feel.

It’s an unfortunate by-product of the service industry to provide estimated times of arrival, but believe us when we say we try very hard to make each appointment on-time. With that said we also want to be sure we complete the job before you and the customer is happy – that customer could be you!

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