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Guide to a healthy home

Green home with tiered garden and blue sky

As every homeowner knows, keeping a house in top condition is an ongoing process. There will never come a day when the small projects or cleanings come to an end because houses are an entity that require your constant attention and care. While this may seem like an overwhelming thought, the truth is that managing your home can be an easy and efficient process. By utilizing John C. Flood's own guide to a healthy home infographic, you will have your own personal guide to help you deal with any potential issues.

Here are a couple highlights from the infographic:

  • Air conditioning units: If you are facing a compressor failure in your HVAC unit, the chances are high that it could have easily been prevented. Up to 80 percent of all air conditioning or heating issues could be eliminated if the equipment is inspected and upgraded on a regular basis. To avoid any costly problems in the future, scheduling an appointment with our company for our Fairfax, Virginia air conditioning repair is a smart move - particularly as the weather gets warmer.
  • Lighting your home: For those individuals who are looking to reduce their home's energy consumption, having the right light bulb makes all the difference in the world. John C. Flood recommends having compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) installed over incandescent fixtures, as they are long lasting and use up far less power. Incandescent light bulbs, while cheaper initially, will end up costing more money because of how quickly they burn out.

To check out more helpful hints, be sure to browse the entire brochure! John C. Flood is dedicated to helping homeowners maintain a comfortable residence. Contact us today for more information, or to set up an appointment for our Fairfax, VA HVAC services.