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The Evolution of the Flushing Toilet - Part 1

The Harrappa’s had it 3000 years ago. The ancient Scottish settlement Skara Brae had it. Fast forward a few thousand years and the Romans had it.  What was it they had you say? The means and innovation to whoosh away waste. And then this progression of sewage removal went to crap (yes pun intended) when the Roman Empire fell. It would take hundreds of years for Western Civilizations to figure out how to whisk away sewage.

Then came the middle ages, where on any given day there’s a very good chance you will trudge through an open cesspool, or even worse, have a chamber pot emptied onto your head. These were indeed dark times, or as they are historically referred to as the Dark Ages. These were the times when form far outweighed function. The only real thought that went into sanitation was predominantly ornamental – basically making chamber pots look like a stack of books or a decorative box. What to do with the waste thereafter was an afterthought.

Stop by next week for part 2 and find out who how the royal family is associated with the first flush toilet.