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Fall Home Improvement Projects

Leaking pipes - fall cartoon

john-c-flood-fall-improvementsBoy, that didn't take long. We went from 80 degree days to 60 and much cooler nights.  Fall is a reality whether we are completely ready or not. As a result, many homeowners may be trying to decide if there are some home improvement projects they can take on now before it starts to rain and snow more often, at which point it will be pretty hard to do anything on the outside of your house.

We've assembled some ideas for fall home improvement projects that are both seasonally appropriate and provide added
value to your residence:



  • Fix a leaky roof. You really won't want to try doing this when the inclement weather of early winter arrives. Now is the best time to grab some roofing cement, nails and a ladder and devote a couple hours to patching those pesky holes that have been letting rain and moisture into your attic or ceiling. Make sure you do this with a friend or family member to stay safe.
  • Power wash the exteriors of your house. Doing so will make your home look great, and prevent mold and mildew that feed on the grime that collects on walls.
  • Replace your windows. Having efficient, well-insulated windows is hugely important for ensuring that you don't use too much energy during the winter trying to heat your house.
  • Treat your deck. A wooden deck needs proper protection in the winter to prevent warping and rotting.
  • Tune up your furnace and heating system. For this chore, it's best to contact a Alexandria, VA Heating Repair Contractor, who can make sure the system is running efficiently and smoothly so that you're not left without heat in the middle of fall and winter. Call John C. Flood to have one of our experienced technicians take a look at your heating.

So celebrate the fact that autumn is here and now you can get your almond milk pumpkin-spiced latte. Just remember while you are enjoying your hard sought-after seasonal cup of loveliness there is someone looking at you with a scowl wondering when you will get to your fall projects.