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3 Heating Mistakes New Homeowners Make (And How to Avoid Them)

home heating tips for new home

New homeowners can make many errors in the first years of owning their house -- one of which is not following basic home heating tips.

When it comes to your heating systems, these mistakes can dramatically raise your utility costs or affect your comfort through the winter. By learning what these mistakes are early on you can avoid them and ensure your home's HVAC systems are optimized for winter and summer.

1. Cranking the Heat

home heating tips

One of the most common mistakes that those in their first homes make is cranking the heat up in the winter. While you'll be nice and warm, every degree you raise the heat increases your bill by up to 3 percent. This means the difference between setting the thermostat to 70 and 67 can be hundreds of dollars by the end of the winter. Instead, keep your home at a steady 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Lowering Too Much/Shutting Off the Heat

home heating tips

Once new homeowners learn that turning down the heat can really save them, they sometimes go too far -- turning it down drastically or even shutting it off when they aren't home. This can be a problem as well, causing pipes to freeze and putting much greater strain on your furnace when you return home as it works to bring your house back up to temperature.

If you want to cut costs, lower the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the few hours no one is home during the day. Keep an eye on your pipes, though, to make sure they're still functioning properly during this drop.

3. Not Converting to Natural Gas

home heating tips: natural gas

Of course, anyone purchasing their first home should also convert it to natural gas if it isn't already. Natural gas is much cheaper to heat a home on than oil and better on the environment as well. In fact, natural gas has surpassed coal as the number one source of electricity in U.S. homes.

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