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How can you improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows?

Caulk and weatherstripping doorway

You often hear home improvement experts on television who talk about the virtues of energy efficient windows. It's true that double-paned glass will greatly improve your ability to control the temperature of your home, whether you're heating it in winter or cooling it in summer. But like many Americans, you may not just have money sitting around that you can invest in hiring a Washington, DC contractor to replace your windows.

If that's the case, you don't need to fret. There are several steps you can take to create a better barrier between outside weather and your interior environment that are cost effective and easy.

The first thing you should consider is weatherstripping and caulking. These processes, which involve creating a more airtight seal between the window and the frame, will make it much more difficult for hot or cool air to escape. It may seem like a simple fix, but so many homeowners neglect to use this method to improve energy efficiency. Caulk and weatherstripping cost only a few dollars at your local hardware store, but can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

The next thing to consider are shades and blinds that can absorb sunlight and warm your house, or deflect it to keep things cool. These can be found at virtually any department store, and even inexpensive styles will do a good job of helping with climate control.

Lastly, make sure your heating system is working properly by calling a DC heating repair company. Just because you feel hot air coming out of vents doesn't mean your heater is performing as efficiently as it could be. The HVAC experts at John C. Flood can service your unit for an affordable rate just in time for the coming winter.