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How to Prevent Ice Dams in the Winter

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There are few seasonal hazards, if any, that come about naturally every winter more dangerous than ice. It has the power to cause the pipes in your home to burst and makes driving nearly impossible. Even when you leave your house, you often risk slipping on a slick surface plagued with black ice. But what you may not be wary of when you walk out the front door every morning is the risk of ice landing on you from above.

When ice builds up in your gutters, it may cause the structure to buckle under pressure and come crashing down without warning. This isn't just a problem after a particularly bad storm, but something that could be building up throughout the season.

What causes these "ice dams" may actually have to do with your home heating system.

As everyone knows, hot air rises while cold air sinks, which means that the warmth coming from your home heating system will go right to the top floors. You generally won't have the heating system hooked up to make your attic warm, since this space is just for storage. However, if you fail to insulate properly,heat may escape into the space and warm the underside of your roof.

From there, the ice or snow on the roof will melt and slowly flow toward the gutters of your home. Once that water reaches a colder spot, it will refreeze and accumulate. If this happens over a continuous period of time, it won't be long before the weight gets to be too much, and the ice comes tumbling down, potentially threatening the safety of the members of your household.

To prevent this, make sure that you contact an experienced DC HVAC professional to seal your home's air ducts and prevent any cracking in your roof.

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