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HVAC unit at the University of Maryland catches fire

According to local news affiliate NBC4 Washington, two workers were hurt after a fire at the University of Maryland (UMD). While the two men were working on a unit on the roof of Oakland Hall at UMD, the machine suddenly caught fire after a minor blast occurred.

The Prince George County fire department was on the scene within fifteen minutes of the blast, but by the time help arrived the fire was out, leaving no apparent evidence that it had happened. The county fire and EMS spokesperson Mark Brady told reporters that the pair of men were taken to nearby hospitals to treat their injuries.

One of the workers, according to reports, suffered injuries that were serious but not life-threatening and was taken to a local trauma center to be treated for damage to his upper body. The second person suffered much less serious injuries and was admitted to an area hospital for observation.

The incident was first reported at 9 a.m. on Monday morning on the social media outlets of the university police and local law enforcement officials. After arriving on the scene, the police had the entire area evacuated and told people to stay away until the situation was resolved. Oakland Hall - a nine story dorm building - is home to over 700 UMD students.

The building has since been re-opened, but still remains mostly empty due to students being on winter break and not due to return to the school until later this month.

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