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Make sure your boiler is lit going into winter

Plumber Fixing Water Heater

In most homes, the central heating system is setup so that there are no areas of the home that are colder than others. To make sure this happens, most contractors will place thermostats in parts of the home that tend to get the coolest so that the homeowner can be sure that these spots are constantly comfortable.

However, this is far from a perfect world, and sometimes when you least expect it, you'll start noticing frigid spots in your home that hadn't been there before. One of the most common reasons for this is faulty thermostats, which may show inaccurate temperatures in different zones of the house. This is why most homeowners should contact a contractor to come in at the start of every winter and either test to make sure a thermostat is working or replace these units altogether.

The solution may be even simpler than faulty thermostats, especially if the whole house starts feeling chilly as the temperatures outside begin to drop. Before calling a professional to come in and start making costly replacements, go down into the basement and take a look at your boiler.

In many cases, an insufficient heating system can be blamed on the boiler's pilot light getting burnt out for any number of reasons. Your boiler should have a small window that lets you view inside the unit to see if the boiler light itself is still turned on. It may not be obvious to spot at first, as the window may be tinted blue or red to reduce glare. If you don't see a small flame burning inside the boiler, this may be the reason for your home's cold atmosphere.

Your boiler will have instructions on it that explain how to safely re-light your specific unit. Many boilers today are actually self lighting models, which will only require you to turn it off and then on again to get the flame going. If you find that the boiler won't stay lit, this may signal a bigger problem with your heater. In this case, be sure to contact a professional, and provide them with all the details when they arrive regarding what the boiler is and isn't doing so they can be sure to do all the necessary troubleshooting.

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