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Three easy upgrades for your home

Kitchen Sink and Counter tops Decorated with Yellow Accents

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be spending a lot of time shopping for gifts for friends and family. During such times it's difficult to consider home improvement projects a priority, as most of your spending is going towards presents and traveling. But that doesn't mean you need to forego renovation entirely.

In this article we'll share a few quick, easy and cheap home improvement projects that require very little expense but can make a world of difference for your home, particularly if you're having company for the holidays:

  • Buff your floors with an affordable floor refresher. These formulae are typically water-based and can be purchased at a home improvement store for $20-30. By applying them with a mop or microfiber cloth, you'll add a nice shine to your dull hardwood floors that will wow all your guests.
  • Clean your garbage disposal. Your kitchen sink can begin to smell pretty bad if you let the disposal accumulate food matter over time. You can clean it by dropping frozen vinegar cubs into the basin, and running cold water until they melt. You can also throw in a lemon peel to make it fragrant.
  • Replace a leaking shower head. One of the worst things to wake up to in the morning is a shower head that either lacks good pressure or leaks. These are incredibly easy to replace, and you can pick up a new head at the hardware store for around $20-30.

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