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A quick and easy cleanse for your shower head

Dog Getting a Bath with a Hand Held Shower Head

It's important that your bathroom is as clean as possible all year long, since this area is the site of many of your home's biggest germ havens - from the drain in your shower to the basin of your toilet. However, in the summer, making sure your bathroom is clean is an even bigger priority, as this already humid space only gets more muggy when the meteorological conditions outside are contributing to the air-bound moisture within your home. This contributes to an increased presence of mold and mildew that needs to be addressed before it has an adverse affect on your family's health.

The shower head is another area where there tends to be a high concentration of germs and moisture gets trapped. Start the season off on the right foot by giving this appliance a thorough cleansing before the hot weather makes maintenance harder than ever.

If your shower head can twist off, remove it from the line and submerge the piece in vinegar overnight. Should your shower head not be removable, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and seal it around the the piece using an elastic band. The following morning, use a toothbrush to thoroughly scrub all of the contours of the appliance, removing dirt, grime and lime scale.

Now that your shower head has been cleaned, be sure to monitor it throughout the season, keeping in mind that now is the time of year where your appliances can get dirtier than ever. If you have a bigger issue with plumbing at all during the summer, contact John C. Flood, the leading Fairfax plumbing service, to come make the necessary repairs.