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A simple solution to low water pressure in a faucet

Bathroom Sink

A lack of water pressure can be extremely annoying for any homeowner. If there isn't enough pressure pushing the water out of the faucet in the sinks or the kitchen, it can make even the simplest tasks take much longer than necessary.

The most common reason that water pressure may be insufficient in a certain location of  the house usually can be fixed relatively easily. The odds are that if poor water pressure is focused at one faucet in your home and not throughout the property, it's not a major plumbing issue, but a small matter of limescale buildup or cloggings.

Every faucet has a device called an aerator, which is the screen that the water passes through as it leaves your faucet. The aerator isn't so much a filter, as it controls the distribution of water as it flows from the pipes and out of the faucet.

Compare the water pressure at faucets throughout the house to determine if this problem is just the aerator of a single sink or a much bigger problem. If all of the water pressure in your home is lacking sufficient pressure, than it's probably time to look into having a plumber take a closer look at the pipes. Should you only notice insufficient pressure from one sink, than attempt removing the aerator yourself to either clean or replace the piece.

This filter will be in the part of the spout where the water directly pours out. In most cases, the aerator will be attached to the faucet only hand tight, meaning that you should be able to screw it off with relative ease. If it is on tighter than you expect and you want to use pliers, simply put a cloth around the aerator before twisting it off.

Once you have taken out the piece, either clean it using a limescale solution or replace it altogether. An aerator is inexpensive to replace and can be found at most hardware stores.

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