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Address any problems with your vacation home before you head out for the summer

Happy Family of Three Swimming in a Pool

In just a few weeks, children across the Mid Atlantic will be getting out of school for summer break, which has prompted families throughout the country to begin planning their annual vacations to seaside locales. Virginia and Maryland are chock full of some of the nation's most sought after seasonal hot spots, from peaceful communities along the Delmarva Peninsula to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic shore.

In many cases, the vacation homes that are found in these coastal zip codes don't get a lot of use during the off-season and sit dormant for much of the year while owners occupy their primary residences. As a result, problems that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances such as coastal flooding or freak weather events - an all too common occurrence over the past few years in the region - will only exacerbate in the absence of a homeowner who is there to conduct maintenance.

If you haven't visited your vacation home frequently enough over the past year to evaluate any repair work it may need before summer starts, do so now before the warmer months are officially here in full force. This way, a plumbing or electrical problem won't dig too much into your family's vacation, and you'll be able to enjoy your second house in peace.

An experienced Gaithersburg plumbing service like John C. Flood is your best bet when it comes to resolving these issues, as we have more than 100 years of experience serving the communities of the Mid Atlantic when they need us most.