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Contact a plumber to help your family enjoy a healthier new year

Mold Buildup around Shower Door Frame

Most people make New Near's resolutions related to their health. Whether they are trying to lose weight or give up unhealthy habits like smoking, this is the time of year where people seem to be extra motivated about making changes in their day to day lives.

One resolution that you might not have considered is actually making your home more healthy for 2013. There are many hidden hazards within the home that could be affecting your family's quality of life without you even realizing it.

Perhaps the most common danger is the presence of hazardous mold. When mildew or any fungus builds up in the home, it can have a harmful affect on the entire household, causing anything from breathing problems to skin irritations.

There are different degrees of dangerous molds that spring up in households, but they are almost all preventable if a homeowner takes the proper steps to nip the problem in the bud.

Spores develop in areas where there is a high level of moisture and water is either building up or left to sit for extended periods of time. This can be because the region where the home is located itself is prone to flooding or fundamental issues concerning the properties plumbing.

This is especially common in basements, where there is either a defective sump pump or loose pipes that are allowing water to drip out. However, mold can develop anywhere in the house because of poor plumbing.

If you have discolouring on any of your walls or ceilings that seems to be spreading with time, that is one of the surefire signs that your home may already have a serious mold problem. The same is true if your family is plagued with respiratory problems, as spores that get into the air can cause chronic illnesses like asthma or allergies.

Contact a plumber to tighten or replace any loose or leaking pipes in your home. This will be one way to ensure your family has a happier and healthier new year.

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