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DC recovering from heavy rain, tornado watch

Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son walking through flooded streets

The DC area has been battered with a series of thunderstorms over the past few days, but forecasters are expecting a cold front to push the weather away from the region, offering residents some respite from the 75 mph winds and driving rain.

Still, the damage left in the wake of the storm is not trivial. Downed power lines and tree branches have damaged cars, and it seems likely that a few communities will have to deal with flooding and plumbing problems as a result of heavy rainfall. The storms reached from Washington all the way up to Boston.

Local affiliate NBC Washington reports that there was flooding in parts of Loudoun County and areas east of the Blue Ridge, Stafford and Spotsylvania counties, as well as Fredericksburg, Virginia, received thunderstorm warnings throughout Sunday night and Monday morning.

Rainfall was expected to reach one inch, thought it could be as much as two inches in some areas.

Flooding presents a number of dangers to homeowners. Besides the fact that it can wreck basements and ruin flooring, it can also make your home structurally unstable and result in a partial or complete teardown. While the flooding in Southern Maryland and the DC area appears to be minimal, it's still the case that homeowners should be vigilant and make sure that they contact a DC plumbing expert immediately if they detect water leaking into their home.

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