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Dealing with slow hot water

Remodeled Bathroom with Lights in the shower head

There's no time of the year that you want to be in the shower waiting for the hot water to finally come up from the heater. This problem will be extra frustrating in the coming months as we go into fall and winter.

For many people this a persistent issue that they've pretty much accepted. It's usually caused by the faucet being physically too far away from the water heater. You probably aren't going to remodel your entire house so your shower is right by your heater. But there are still a few measures you can take that will allow you to have hot water at your faucet and on demand.

Booster heaters

These small point-of-use units allow you to get a head start on your heater. They typically hold approximately four gallons of hot water that'll be ready to go as soon as you turn on the tap. Use your hot water line as the supply for the booster heater and by the time you're done going through the four gallons, you'll be drawing hot water directly from your main water heater.

Circulation pump

Circulation pumps do basically the same job for your plumbing that booster fans do for your AC. When you have a section of your home's system that's too far away from the primary source, circulation pumps boost the flow to that area. In the case of your shower, it gets the hot water from the heater to your shower head much faster.

If the problem lies with the efficiency of your heater itself, then you should call John C Flood right away and talk to an experienced plumber in Fairfax VA who will respond quickly and get your hot water running the way you need it to be.