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Expanding foam can quiet a noisy sink

Here is how you can use expanding foam to quiet a noisy sink

No homeowner wants to deal with noisy houses, especially if they can be easily prevented. One of the most common experiences that anybody will have in their home is a plumbing system that is not functioning properly, or is producing too many sounds. This can become distracting and annoying, particularly if it is happening in a high-traffic area such as the kitchen.

You don't need to be a do-it-yourself expert in order to fix this plumbing issue. All you need is some expanding foam that can be purchased at any local hardware supply store.

Once you have the expanding foam, simply fill the space between the two stainless steel basins on the underside of the sink completely with the material. What this expanding foam does is deadens the vibrations that occur when the sink is being used, entirely reducing the gong effect that is created. This will help wipe out the noise that the sink makes and leave it nice and quiet, no matter what activity it is being used for.

While it is possible to complete this process while the sink is already in place, it can be much easier if you have total access to the area under the sink before it is installed. If you are working on a renovation in the kitchen and you are replacing the sink, that would be a perfect opportunity to use the expanding foam. Allow the material to harden completely before trimming away an excess with a knife.

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