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GE developing a refrigerator that relies on magnets

Strong Cartoon Magnet

For the last few years, General Electric (GE) has been working on the design of a new refrigerator that would reduce both a home's energy consumption and monthly utility payments. Last week, it announced a major breakthrough in the world of refrigeration: replacing the traditional compressors found in refrigerators with magnets.

Representatives from the company told reports that executives and engineers have been working on improvements to refrigeration systems for nearly a decade, in one of their Global Research facilities. They have been working with magnets in the commercial sized refrigeration units the company produces, but are now working on compressing the size of the magnets used to fit residential models at the consumer appliance division in Kentucky.

In an online demonstration on Thursday of last week, GE executives and engineers working on this new technology told investors and the public that magnets in the refrigerator are going to be commonplace in the very near future, as they are only five or so years away from being marketed to a mass consumer base. The new models would not be any more expensive than the ones currently on the market.

Though the machine itself would not be more pricey, it will help to save money on monthly energy costs. Instead of relying on the traditional compressors to keep the refrigerator cool and operating, the magnets will use as much as 25 percent less electricity. This means less power being consumed by your home, saving you money in the long-run with this investment. The more environmentally friendly refrigerator model will also be easier to recycle after it has run its course.

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