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Germ-resistant homes a new trend in building

Cork Flooring Layers

A recent trend in home building that is good news for public health and your family's safety is a focus on amenities that prevent the spread of germs and illness. A recent piece on House Logic, a home improvement blog, draws attention to several enhancements that are being incorporated into new houses by Arlington, VA plumbing and HVAC contractors that keep microbes away and create a safer environment for your loved ones.

One particular improvement that many homeowners are taking advantage of is a UV sanitizer, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria from water before it comes out of your faucet. Rather than adding chemical purifiers that could pose a health hazard by themselves, a UV sanitizer will accomplish the same goal without adding any toxins.

Another feature of germ-resistant homes is the use of non-porous materials in counter tops that don't trap bacteria and other microorganisms that could eventually cause sickness. These include recycled glass and laminates that are easy to clean and look stylish in just about any kitchen.

It's also possible to limit your family's exposure to bacteria and other germs by installing cork flooring. Not only is cork relatively fire proof and environmentally friendly, its waxy properties make it difficult for mold and mildew spores to collect and grow within.

If you're looking to make home improvements that will help protect your loved ones from disease and help them lead healthy lives, we recommend contacting the Arlington, Virginia HVAC repair and plumbing contractors at John C. Flood to find out what options are available.