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Green ways to drain a pipe

Cleaning out the drains and pipes is something that every homeowner will have to do now and again. Although it is nobody's idea of a good time, it has to be done in order to keep the household up and running as efficiently as possible. But have you ever looked at the tool you use to do the job?

Instead of relying on unhealthy chemicals and other substances that can be harmful to the environment, there are eco-friendly options out there that you can try out. You might also find some of these ways are even more effective than what you had been doing in the past.

Having the right tools will be essential for you clearing out any clogged pipes. If there is a clump of hair and other debris that is stopping the water from flowing, you need to invest in a drain snake from your local hardware store. But if the problem is more immediate and you don't have a snake handy, a screwdriver should suffice.

The right green substances to use to help you clean a blockage is baking soda and vinegar. The basic reaction caused by these products will sizzle and fizz all the way down the drain, breaking up whatever is stuck down there. Once the vinegar and baking soda have done their job, you can get rid of any remnants by running some hot water.

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