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Remodeling Plans for the Fall

Kitchen with Light and Dark wood accents and centered island

According to the Zillow Digs Fall Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey, 52 percent of residents polled planned to take on home renovations for the fall, and spend an average of $1,000 on these projects.

“Fall is a perfect transition time from outdoor to indoor activities, which is resonating in home improvement plans and trends,” says Cynthia Nowak, Zillow Digs trend expert. “Parents are sprucing up indoor play areas to keep the kids active and occupied, while looking for ways to update their own work spaces for the season ahead as workdays are shortened by kid pick-up and drop-off duty.”

Image by Peerless Improvements, LLC

Most homeowners are looking into getting these projects out of their way during fall, before inclement weather makes it difficult to get anything done around the house. We’ve briefly listed the top fall remodeling trends for 2015:

1. Double-Duty Offices

Image by Kitchen Distributors

Creating work spaces that encourage creativity and also allow for relaxation is one of the most common remodeling trends this fall. With corporate mobility making it even easier to work from home, many stay-at-home moms and dads are now looking into redesigning their office into spaces that encourage productivity. These are called double-duty offices, and are becoming increasingly popular among US residents, especially since they also provide a space for taking days off.

2. Play Areas

Once cold weather sets in, kids will no longer be able to play outdoors, meaning designing indoor play areas is necessary for keeping them occupied. More and more parents are planning to start implementing these play areas into their current home design, bringing more open-ended toys into the picture to allow for flexibility.

If you’d also like an indoor playground for your little one, make sure the space represents the interests and addresses the developmental needs of your child.

3. Replacing Old Windows

Fall is the prime time to replace the old windows in your home. Not only do they allow cold air to slip inside, but they also facilitate the development of mold and mildew, which can put your family’s health and well-being at a risk. Before you get started with other remodeling plans, don’t forget to replace the windows and insulate them properly to avoid cold air, dampness and pathogens (and hefty bills as a result of heat slipping outside your home).

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