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Harlem explosion caused by gas leak from faulty plumbing system

Building on Fire

Last week, a street in Harlem was rocked by an explosion that destroyed two apartment buildings. The buildings went down at around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 12. This was around 15 minutes after a resident had reported smelling a gas leak to his landlord. Although utility workers were sent to the building to check out the claim, they did not arrive until it was too late and the buildings were smoldering piles of rubble on the ground.

The explosion was felt blocks away, with New York residents telling local reporters it felt like an earthquake had rocked northern Manhattan. The two buildings that were affected were both five stories and located on Park and 116th Street, near the northeastern corner of Central Park. After the dust had settled, emergency responders told the media that two people had been killed - both women in their 40s - along with 40 people who were injured. Some of the injuries were critical, with at least three children harmed.

New York fire officials believe the explosion was caused by a faulty plumbing system that resulted in the gas leak reported by residents of the buildings. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation and there are still dozens of people who are currently unaccounted for. The Fire Department is also looking through building records of past gas leak complaints, and they need to determine whether the plumbing system in question was installed by a licensed company or a resident of the building.

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