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Hosting Christmas? Prep your home's utilities

For many people, Christmas is such a beloved holiday because it is one of the few times of the year when the whole family is able to come together. If you're hosting Christmas and providing lodging for relatives, however, you may not be looking forward to the holiday as much as you'd like.

This isn't because you don't want to see your loved ones, as time with family is a precious and rare commodity. But your utilities tend to get exhausted when you have extra bodies in the house that are using more hot water than your heater is used to.

As you prepare your home for the onslaught of relatives that herald in the Christmas season, control your utility costs by making a few minor changes to your home and setting a few easy rules for your guests to follow.

Since more people will be taking showers in your bathroom, you'll need to conserve hot water accordingly. One simple way to do this is to do laundry and run your dishwashers later in the day. These activities consume more hot water than a shower would and also rob your faucets of water pressure. Avoid doing these activities in the morning so that your guests won't pay the price when they go to take a shower.

As well, since the traffic in and out of the bathroom will be elevated when you have family crashing, discourage them from taking baths. A shower generally uses less hot water than a bath, so encourage family members to share the heat.

These few steps will only make staying in your home a more pleasant experience for any guests that stop by over Christmas. The fact that it will help you save on your utility costs is only an added benefit.

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