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How to alleviate grinding pipes without the help of a plumber

Coiled Copper Wire Close Up

A house doesn't have to be ancient to produce strange and eerie creaks that leave residents curious of the source. Instead of being the moans of ghosts or spirits, these sounds are usually just issues stemming from the home's utilities. However, the cause of the noise is usually much simpler than what many homeowners assume.

In reality, most of these noises can be remedied by simply tightening a few nuts and bolts here and there in places where the noises have been concentrated.

One of the most common spots for rattling comes from copper pipes that are used to transport hot water. The heat of the water that passes through these pieces causes the copper to expand over certain periods. In most homes, you can see pipes like these running along the bottom of the first floor when you look up in the basement.

These pieces are usually connected to the beams of the floor above using pipe hangers or joists that are wrapped around the pipe snuggly. When the copper pipes expand because of hot running water, it will grind against the pipe hanger as it no longer fits with its confines.

To determine if this is the problem, run hot water from a source that utilizes the pipes in your basement and listen from below for any creaks that may come about. If these pipes are the culprit, there is an easy solution that you can undertake yourself without having to call a plumber.

Simply purchase a piece of adhesive-backed felt and cut it into strips that are the width of the pipe you are hanging from the ceiling. All you need to do from here is to cautiously unhook the pipe from the hanger and wrap the point of contact with the felt. Then, make sure the hanger is touching the felt when you wrap the piece back up. This way, when the pipe grinds as the hot water forces it to expand, the felt will give it a little lee-way, minimizing any noise that would come about as a result.

Of course, even this may be a larger undertaking for a novice at home repair, so never hesitate to call a plumber if you are worried about strange noises coming from your pipes.

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