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How to fix a running toilet

Bathroom Toilet Surrounded By Natural Decorations

If you have an older toilet in your house, you may at some point experience the problem of flushing it, only to find that hours later the tank is still running. This results in a waste of water, and it can be annoying to have the noise going on in the background throughout the day.

There are a few steps you can take to try to remedy the problem, which we'll describe in more detail below:

  1. Shake the flush handle: This is the old standby method that usually works. If the float is stuck, jiggling the handle can usually shake it free. However, if you continue to have running toilet tank problems, you should look into a more permanent solution.
  1. Inspect the flapper: Push down on the flapper (the long pole-shaped attachment that connects to the bottom of the tank). If you hear the water stop, then it means the rubber seal on the flapper isn't watertight and you should replace it.
  1. Check the float: If the flapper seems to be in good condition, the float may be getting stuck and needs to be adjusted so that it rests on the surface of the water. Given how inexpensive toilet valves are (typically $10-20 at a hardware store) it may be worth it to replace the entire assembly.

If you're not comfortable performing maintenance on your toilet, or you're interested in getting a new one, we recommend contacting an Fairfax plumbing contractor to come in and perform the repair for you. For the most affordable maintenance rates in town, be sure to call the plumbing specialists at John C. Flood today and we'll get your toilet back in good working order in no time.