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How to maintain a healthy plumbing system

Updating bathroom and installing tile in the shower

Even if you do not know very much about plumbing, there are still ways that you can protect your home's systems on your own. Some problems can be solved without the need of bringing in a professional, no matter what your experience or skill level might be. If you are careful to maintain your household plumbing, then there will likely be less need for you to hire somebody to fix a problem. The next time a clogged drain or broken toilet threatens to derail your entire day, make sure that you are armed with some basic residential plumbing troubleshooting knowledge.

Here are a few ways to maintain a healthy plumbing system in your household:

  • Clear your sink pipes: If you notice that it is taking longer than it usually does for your bathroom sink to drain, the likely reason is that junk has built up and needs to be cleared out. To do this, simply purchase a heavy-duty cleaner to break down the blockage. If this proves to be ineffective, a snake will get the job done very quickly.
  • Know where the shut-off valve is located: It is important that you know how you can shut off the water running through your home if the need arises. The main shut-off valve is often located in the basement, so that will be the best place for you to start looking.
  • Only flush toilet paper: When it comes to your toilet, you should only be flushing down toilet paper and no other home products. This is important to note as many people think that anything that fits down the drain is acceptable, such as personal hygiene products, napkins and other items. Anything dense will likely obstruct the pipes.

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