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How to properly maintain your garbage disposal

Messy Dishes Overloading the Kitchen Sink

A garbage disposal is a major convenience to many homeowners, as it takes care of minor messes and, when properly maintained, can prevent the pipes in your kitchen from clogging. However, this appliance can become a hassle if it isn't taken care of.

First off, if you let food sit for too long a time in your garbage disposal, the same rotten smells that come about when you don't clean out your fridge regularly will start coming from your drain - only in this case, there's no door you can close to seal off the odor.

Every time you do the dishes, pour some dish soap into your garbage disposal, turn on the cold water and let the appliance run for roughly two minutes. The soap and water will sanitize while the continual motion of the blades will guarantee all particles of food that fell from your plates get broken down and flushed out. Also, by keeping the water cold, it will ensure that any grease or oil that may have made its way into the disposal wall solidify and therefore are chopped up before reaching the trap.

Many homeowners think that the garbage disposal shouldn't be used regularly as it is a delicate piece of machinery. This is not true, as the appliance is prone to rust and corrosion if it sits idle. Use the garbage disposal as frequently as you like if you have one - its power consumption is minimal compared to the convenience of the device.

If you find that your garbage disposal is no longer working or that there is a bigger issue with your home's plumbing, call an experienced Arlington plumber like John C. Flood to perform necessary maintenance.