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How to resolve those unwelcome bursts of freezing water

Testing Water Temperature from a hand held shower head

There is nothing worse than waking up on a cold winter morning and not being able to enjoy a nice hot shower. Many people rely on a steaming shower to wake them up before starting their day, and if the water coming out of the showerhead abruptly goes cold while you're bathing, this could put a damper on everything that follows.

There are quite a few reasons why your water might not be getting warm enough in the morning that can be either easy to repair or extremely difficult.

In most cases, these problems have to do with the hot water heater. Before jumping to conclusions and assuming you are about to face a complete plumbing disaster, check to see that the pilot light on your hot water heater is actually lit.

On most traditional models, the pilot light can be viewed through a small tinted window on the device itself. If this window isn't glowing, the pilot light may have been extinguished. Follow the instructions on the heater itself for relighting the unit and hopefully this will fix the problem. Sometimes, lighting the pilot may require the help of a professional plumber.

If the pilot is lit, the cause may be issues with the water heater itself. Often, if a water heater is extremely old, sediment will build up in the unit that affects the device's ability to effectively heat H20. This happens commonly in houses with older pipes that have very slowly deteriorated over time. This may require that you replace the unit and, depending on the amount of sediment present, you might need a plumber to come take a look at the rest of your pipes.

A lot of sediment and a sudden burst of cold water may mean the pipes in your house have actually begun leaking or gotten significantly weaker, prohibiting water from staying as warm as it is meant to be. You'll need the help of an expert Gaithersburg, Maryland plumber like the ones employed by John C. Flood to tackle this project, as the undertaking may require a total overhaul to your home's plumbing.